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A recent graduate from the University of Huddersfield, looking to start a career as a project / business analyst in the area of Information Technology project development. Excellent analytical, verbal and written skills help me understand a problem, then break it down for team members with different skill sets to understand. Skilled with object oriented analysis and design, including technical skills such as; C#, Visual Basic,, HTML and CSS help give me a deeper insight into the project life-cycle. My long-term goal is to progress in a career as a project / business analyst, gaining valuable knowledge and experience within this field.



Bachelor of Science ICT (Hons)

University Of Huddersfield – Graduated 2012

Year 1
During year one, we focused on familiarising us with the major technologies that we would be using. These included SQL server;; Win-forms; C# and; HTML; CSS and JavaScript. The major project during this year was aimed at developing team skills; we created a form that could do CRUD upon a database.

Year 2
This year’s efforts where based on IT management and the analysis and design stage of the SDLC. During the project I created a booking form for a holiday rental company. I received a 79 for this piece of work; a lot of the marks were gained from the documentation that included UML designs of the system

Final Year
This year was focused on putting all of our knowledge into the final project. I had decided for my final year project to design and create a system that would help IT graduates get into the right job. I attained this by research generic job titles that could assist the system to understand what type of job a graduate could do based on their best skill.

Huddersfield New College

Double A-Level in ICT
GCSE’s in Law, Psychology, Economics

Almondbury High School

Double GCSE in ICT & Science
GCSE’s in Maths, English, Design & Technology

Work Experience

Working at KFC gave me valuable experience working with customers. As a team member I carried out all the duties at the store. I started in the kitchen area preparing the chicken to be cooked. I was then moved to middle of house, where I was taught how to make the burgers and the wraps. Finally I was moved to front of house, taking peoples orders. That post also included going out into the restaurant and cleaning the tables for the next customers.

Deal House
This was my first experience of working within the retail sector. I usually worked on the shop floor assisting customers and ensuring that the shelves were stocked, sometimes ensuring that out-of-date items were properly disposed of. At times I went on deliveries to customers address, delivering furniture to them. I got this job through a paper-round I had for numerous years with a paper shop that was bought by the owner of Deal House. He could see that I was hard working a willing to cover other rounds as and when needed.

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